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The whole name: NationalRepublic of China

Area: 9595960 square kilometers

Population: 1 milliard inhabitants

Capital: Peking

Z-time: GMT/UTC + 8 hours

Nation: 93% - Chinese, 55% - ethnic minority

Language: Pekinese Mandarin dialect, Cantonese

Religion: Confucianism, Christians, Muscleman, Buddhists, Taorism 

Sector of the national economy: black and colour metallurgy, manufacturing, motor industry, oil-processing, chemical, producing of electronic communication.

Main partners: USA, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Germany

Health risk: rabies, malaria, bilharziasis, fewer and cholera. Obligatory inoculations: from cholera, diphtheria, tetanus, hepatitis A and B, Japanese encephalitis B, poliomyelitis, rabies and typhus.

Line voltage: 220V, 50Hz

System of measures and weighting system: metric