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The whole name: Republic of Costa-Rica

Area: 51,1 thousand square kilometers

Population: 3,4 million inhabitants

Capital: San Jose

Z-time: GMT - 6 hours

Nation: 80% Caucasian, 15% Mestizo, 3% Black, 1% Amerindian, 1% Chinese

Language: Spanish, English, German

Religion: 85% - Catholics, 14% - Protestants

Climate: The climate is subequatorial. There are 4 climatic zones. The dampest period of the year with the temperature +23-25C.The dry period is from December to April, rains are absent. The period of rainfalls is from May to November.

Big cities: San Jose

Sector of the national economy: producing of coffee, agriculture, forestry, industry

Main partners: USA, Japan, EU, Latin America, Singapore, Taiwan

Health risk: yellow fewer

Line voltage: 110V

System of measures and weighting system: metric