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The whole name: Dominican Republic

Area: 48730square kilometers

Population: 8 million inhabitants

Capital: Santo Domingo

Z-time: GMT -5 hours

Nation: 73 % - mulatto, 12% - Europeans, 11% - Africans

Religion: Roman Catholicism Ц 95%

Climate: moderate tropical, an average temperature is +25 +33 C during the whole year. In summer - +27C and in winter +24C. In the hottest period (August-September) the temperature is +33C.

Main partners: USA, Venezuela, Belgium, Mexico, Japan

Sector of the national economy: tourism, sugar cleaning, gold and nickel mining, producing of cement and tobacco

Health risk: malaria, dengue fever, dysentery, typhus, hepatitis A and B. Not to drink tap water

Line voltage: 115-125V, 60Hz

System of measures and weighting system: metric, with some American specialities