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Denpasar City




Denpasar - the capital of Bali Ц is famous for its markets. There is also a museum of Bali with a unique collection of art objects. In the center of arts Verdhi Budaya there is a permanent exhibition of paintings and other items and is the largest open-air theater, where the festivals, concerts and performances.




Park of birds and reptiles



In the park are hundreds of the most rare species of birds. Organization of the park allows you to plunge into the world of nature, watch birds in the immediate vicinity. Some of the birds kept in cages, but, basically, the park is divided into cages, simulating nature habitat conditions. During walks through the thickets of tropical plants, you will see the Bali starling, the South American macaw, Australian cockatoos in their colorful plumage. African cranes, Tanzanian flamingos, pelicans, and swans are floating in the overgrown lotus ponds.




Water park WATERBOOM



This tour - a great opportunity to spend a day with the whole family in a beautiful place where you expect water slides, a journey along a river, for the most daring - descent with an almost vertical hills, lunch and SPA program. For children many attractions and fun clowns - well-known cartoons heroes. Water park is located in the center of Kuta.




Rafting on the White River



Fun tour, which will give you strength and confidence. From the hotel you will be taken by the bus and will be brought to the area of Ubud, where the river Aung is. There lies rafting track. Accompanied by experienced guides you will pass the turbulent rapids and calm quiet creek, swim in streams of the waterfall, see the blue bird and tropical butterflies. A great opportunity to get acquainted with the life of people living in villages nearby, because they often go to the river to catch fish and will be welcomed by sailing past the refiners.







Program of the tour is designed such way that at first you will visit the remote corners of Bali, where the forests dense tropical forest, walk along the impressive bamboo fields and rice terraces, and then, on the hillside Batukaru, village Penatahan experience the healing effect of SPA-therapy. The mineral springs in the area are rich in nutritional substances and widely known in Bali. At the end of your recreational program, you will be offered to dive into the pool with water, enriched with boron. After procedures is Lunch in national style. After welcoming Penatahan you send to the village of Alas Kedaton where there is a forest of monkeys, and the last stop will be at TanahLotTemple, where the sunsets are so beautiful that time I have been there, people want to come back again.




Kintamani Volcano - Barong Dance - a forest of monkeys



Butubulan village visit, where you can see a representation of Barong Dance - a colorful show in which actors act in their national costumes. And the protagonists, the spirit of Good and Evil, are among an eternal struggle. Then a trip to the mountain resort of Kintamani. Spectacular view of the volcano and the unique beauty of LakeBatur are opening here. Then stop in the village Cheluk, the center of the production of silver and gold ornaments, in the village of Mas, which have traditionally lived and wood carvers in the famous Ubud, where the forest of monkeys, in which hundreds of amusing animals live in natural conditions and under the protection of the state. 




Besakih Mother Temple



This temple is one of the oldest and largest in Bali. The full name of the templePura Besakih, it is honoring the Balinese people, because behind it is MountAgung, whose height was 3142 m. The view travelers, will leave nobody indifferent. It is worth mentioning that MountAgung volcano is sacred and one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia. There are stop in the town of Klungkung, where the palace of justice Kertagosa, built in the 18 century. Near the sacred caves, where you can make great photos with unique types of rice terraces and tropical forests.




Bedugul - TanahLotTemple



The trip begins with a tour to the TempleMengvi, which is considered the second biggest and most important in Bali. In the continuation of the tour visit the mountain resort of Bedugul, famous for its botanical gardens, located in the crater of the volcano. You can visit the famous fruit market and a temple built on the water of LakeBratan. Last stop is provided near the Temple of Tanah Lot, one of the most important temples for Balinese, built on the very edge of the cliff, the water's edge. 




Alas Kedaton - Mengvi - Tanah Lot



Travel will lead you into the forest monkeys in the village of Alas Kedaton, shelter hundreds of monkeys, under the protection. Then visit the royal temple of Taman Ayun, the royal family owned Mengvi. Last stop is provided near the Temple of Tanah Lot. This magnificent temple is beautiful in itself, a sunset, you'll see, standing on the rocky shore of the ocean, leave a lasting impression.




Ubud + Barong dance



In the morning tour begins with a Barong dance in Batu Bulan village. This is not only instructive story about the eternal struggle between good and evil, but also a colorful, bright show. Then is a trip to Ubud - the largest center of applied arts in Bali. Many artists of Ubud work in the traditional manner, offering nonetheless of very high quality.




Uluwatu + Kuta



This tour gives the opportunity to get acquainted with another temple, revered by Balinese. UluwatuTemple is located in the southern part of the island on a cliff above the Indian Ocean. In the park surrounding the temple buildings, settled monkeys, and turtles are found in the ocean, which can be seen in the waves, if you're lucky. In addition, the tour provides an excellent opportunity to visit the famous beach of Kuta and watch the surfers, the waves fearlessly conquered many hearts.




Cruise to LembonganIsland



Departure is every morning from Benoa harbor and return in the evening. On the island of Lembongan offered a wide choice of water activities. You can spend time on the 30-meter pontoon or landing on the island and relax in the shade of tropical plants. Program: boat rides, banana boat, snorkeling, introduction to underwater life through a porthole of underwater boat, excursion to the village of fishermen and a wonderful dinner of European and traditional dishes. 




Island tours



A great opportunity to get in the heart of Bali, explore the most hidden corners of this mystical island, located away from crowded places. Traveling can be performed by the legendary Jeep land rover, which will rush along the winding road, which run in the thick tropical forests, past rice terraces and small villages. Lunch will be served in a cozy restaurant with stunning views and delicious dishes of national cuisine.




Barong Dance or Kechak Dance



Barong - a morning tour, visit a traditional theater, where the actors, dressed in colorful costumes, will show one of the most popular dances in Bali. The struggle between the spirit of good-Barongom and Rangda - the spirit of evil - the eternal theme of Balinese epic. Barong is a strange creature, half dog, half-lion, who wins Rangda, the spirit of evil. In a beautiful presentation in the performance of talented actors. Submission of dance Kechak usually occurs at night. More than 100 dancers involved in dancing. The storyline is the same as the history of folk epic Ramayana. The course, consisting of hundreds of bare-chested men, sitting in some circles, chanting scenes from the Ramayana. Words, gestures and sound imitation designed to tame the evil spirits. We are talking about the episodes of the Ramayana monkey army. 




Ubud and surroundings



The route of this tour takes you through the winding country roads in the vicinity of the famous Ubud. This area is rich in unique landscape with majestic mountain peaks and slopes, rice terraces, with their emerald green shoots of rice and bamboo groves. In Ubud you stop for lunch and to visit the famous market, where local craftsmen sell souvenirs, paintings, fabric paintings and wooden sculptures. Do not miss the opportunity to see the paintings exhibited in local galleries and studios.




BBQ Dinner + dance Kechak



Dinner with seafood and grilled lobster and the presentation of dance Kechak. The dance is accompanied by a very unusual sound of voices of dancers and is one of the passages of the national epic, the Ramayana.