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The whole name: Japan

Area: 377435square kilometers

Population: 126million inhabitants

Capital: Tokyo

Climate: On the north of Japan the climate is temperate, and on the south Ц Subtropical and tropical monsoon. In summer the temperature is from +30C on the north and +38C on the south. The average temperature in winter is low enough from -15C on Hokkaido, to -5C on Honshu and to+16C on archipelago Ryukyu.

Z-time: GMT +9 hours

Nation: Japanese, Koreans

Language: Japanese

Religion: Buddhism, Christianity, Shintō

Sector of the national economy: producing of high-technology electronic items, cars, office equipments, food industry, light industry, chemical industry

Main partners: USA, Hong Kong, China, Germany, South Korea, Taiwan 

Health risk: no risks

Line voltage: 100V, 50-60Hz

System of measures and weighting system: metric