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The whole name: Federation of Malaysia

Area: 329750square kilometers

Population: 22million inhabitants

Capital: Kuala Ц Lumpur

Climate: the weather is hot. The average temperature is from +23C - +32C. The coldest period is from November to January. The rainy period is twice a year Ц from April to May and from October to January.  

Z-time: 3 time zones: Sumatra, Java, Western and Central Kalimantan: GMT +7 hours, Bali, Nusa, Tengara, Southern and Eastern Kalimantan: GMT +8 hours, and Irian Jaya and Maluku: GMT + 7 hours

Nation: 50% - Malays, 33% - Chineses, 9% - Indians, and native inhabitants

Language: Bahasa (Malay), English, Chinese, Tamil and local dialects

Religion: Muslim 52%, Hindu 8%, Buddhist 17%, Christianity  8%, Taoist 8%

Sector of the national economy: producing of rubber, tin, palm oil, wood, oil, light industry, electronics

Main partners: USA, Japan, Singapore

Health risk: malaria, hepatitis, fewer, hydrophobia

Line voltage: 220-240V, 50Hz

System of measures and weighting system: metric