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The whole name: Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri-Lanka

Area: 66000square kilometers

Population: 19 million inhabitants

Capital: Colombo

Z-time: + 4 hours

Nation: 74% -Singhalese, 18% - Tamil, 7% - Moroccans, 1% -others

Language: Singhalese, English, Tamil

Religion: 69% - Buddhists, 15% - Hindu, 8% Ц Muscleman, 8% -Christians

Sector of the national economy: producing of rubber, tea, coconuts and other agricultural cultures; producing of cloths, cement; treatment of gasoline; textile and tobacco industry; producing of rice, sugar cane, cereal, spices, milk, eggs, beef, skin.

Main partners: USA, Great Britain, India, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Iran, Taiwan, Belgium, Hong Kong, China, South Korea

Health risk: cholera, malaria, hepatitis

Line voltage: 230-240V, 50Hz

System of measures and weighting system: metric

Tourism: 400 000 tourists in 1994