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The whole name: Republic of Venezuela

Area: 916400square kilometers

Population: 20 million inhabitants

Capital: Caracas

Z-time: - 4,5 hours

Nation: 91% - Venezuelans, 3% - Colombian, 2% - Italians, 2% - Spaniards, 2% - Indians

Language: Spanish, Indian dialects

Religion: Catholicism Ц 96%

Climate: subequatorial, an average temperature is +21 -26 C during the whole year. But depending on the height   fluctuation over the sea level the temperature is +19 C in January and +26 C in July

Big cities: Cumana, Valencia, Barcelona, Maturin, Maracaibo 

Natural resources: petroleum, iron ore, gold, amazes, bauxite and manganese

Health risk: malaria, yellow fewer, stomach upset

Line voltage: 120V, 60Hz

System of measures and weighting system: metric